Bikini Photo Shoot Tips

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women pink bikini ocean photo shoot

When summer comes around and the sun says hello, what better way to celebrate than a bikini photo shoot? Bikini photoshoots are fun to create – you can head outdoors, explore a sunny location, and generally have a blast. If this type of photoshoot sounds interesting, check out these bikini photoshoot tips and ideas below:

How do you start your first bikini photo shoot?

Creating a bikini photoshoot is simple. First, you need a willing bikini model. Second, you need a suitable location. Most photographers head down to the beach if possible – bikinis and beaches are a match made in heaven.

You can then explore your creative genius and test out your portrait skills. Consider speaking with the model beforehand about locations, and the type of bikini they will wear.

girl bikini sand beach ocean bikini photo shoot


Bikini photo shoot tips

1. Shoot from flattering angles

Bikini photos should look elegant and flattering. The model should look amazing. To achieve this, consider which angles you shoot from. Some angles simply aren’t flattering – they can make the human body look awkward or misshapen. In most instances, the model should be stretched out to maintain smooth lines, and to sow the bikini clearly.
woman white bikini photo shoot poolside photo
2. Natural light is your friend

When creating a photoshoot like this, you want to create a happy mood and emphasize the use of bikinis in warm weather. Therefore, natural light is always preferable. This means that you should check weather forecasts and try to plan your photo shoot for a sunny day with minimal cloud cover. There is no substitute in a bikini photoshoot for sunlight!

3. You don’t have to shoot at the beach!

As we mentioned above, the beach is a prime location for a bikini photoshoot. That doesn’t mean it is the only location! Be creative and look at other potential photo shoot locations. Anywhere with ample natural light could be the perfect place.
woman sunglasses photo shoot american flag bikini

4. Consider the background composition

Whilst framing the model is the most important factor, you must consider the background too. A background can become distracting and take people’s attention away from the model. Moreover, a background can contrast too much with the model and create an unbalanced photo. When creating your compositions, always look at the background, and how it contrasts with the model.

Mastering the art of a bikini photoshoot is a great skill to have. It will improve your portrait photography. Moreover, your appreciation of natural light will improve, as will your confidence in shooting models.

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