Dog & Puppy Photo Shoot Tips

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Dog photo shoots are extremely fun but challenging too. Whenever you are working with pets or animals in general, you must have patience. Moreover, you must have a great eye for detail and know-how to bring out the dog’s character. In the below, we provide info and tips for dog & puppy photoshoots.
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How should you run a dog & puppy photo shoot?


This type of photoshoot can be varied – it depends largely on what the client wants. Maybe they want to take their dog outdoors? Maybe they want their new puppy photographed in their home? Therefore, it is important to discuss the setting beforehand – so that you can bring the right equipment.

Dog photoshoots are usually quite natural with minimal equipment. Less equipment means fewer distractions and stress for the dogs or puppies. In most instances, it will just be you and your camera – consider using a mid-range kit lens like a 24-105mm.

Dog & puppy photo shoot tips

1. Prepare the area and remove unnecessary clutter

Pets can become easily distracted. Moreover, when creating a dog photoshoot, the attention should be on them. Therefore, prepare the area, and remove any unnecessary items that could become distracting. You can still let the dogs have toys and chew as this helps produce great action shots.
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2. Get low and shoot from their perspective

Some beginners make the mistake of photographing puppies and dogs from a human perspective. Don’t do this! Get down low – get on the floor and interact with the animals. Being closer, and at their level helps create realistic photos that are more engaging.
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3. Have treats ready!

Unless the dogs are extremely well trained, you may need to exercise a little bribery! Take direction from the owners but consider bringing some treats and toys to keep the dogs interested. Allowing the owners to give treats can also create fun photo opportunities.

4. Relax and take it steady

Finally, don’t make loud noises and rush around in a mad whirl! This will only cause stress and confusion for the dogs. You must remain calm and move slowly. Refrain from barking commands at them (excuse the pun!) – instead, use gentle hand gestures and be patient. If you are relaxed, the puppies and dogs will comfortable.

If you have your own puppy or dogs, why not try these tips and create your own dog photoshoot? You should now have improved confidence and ideas when tackling this subject.

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