Gender Reveal Photo Shoot Tips

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baby gender reveal photo shoot

In recent years, gender reveal photoshoots are becoming hugely popular. Finding the gender of your unborn child is a joyous occasion – some people want to share this moment of jubilation with their friends and family in an interesting and memorable way. This is exactly what a gender reveal photo shoot can do!

baby gender girl reveal pink hat photo shoot

What is the ideal way to run a gender reveal photo shoot?

To create an effective gender reveal photoshoot, you must be creative and imaginative as a photographer. You must also communicate with the parents and understand exactly what they want from the session.

The current trend is to have this type of photoshoot in a natural setting, as opposed to a backlit studio session. Discuss the location beforehand so that you can start formulating ideas. Moreover, gather any props that you wish to use in plenty of time so that you are prepared.

Gender reveal photo shoot tips

1. Be creative with props

Props are essential for a gender reveal photoshoot! Examples of popular props include colored balloons, ribbons, and of course ultrasound scan pictures of the baby. Discuss props with the client – see if they have any ideas, and any items they wish to bring with them too.
baby gender reveal its a girl photo shoot

2. Reveal the gender in a unique way

To create a memorable gender reveal photoshoot, think outside the box! There is an unlimited number of ways that this can be achieved. Moreover, the reveal method doesn’t have to be over-the-top – think of subtle and clever ways to hint at the gender without overtly expressing it.
baby gender reveal photo shoot props3. Consider finding out during the photoshoot

This is an interesting tip and something you should discuss with the parents beforehand. Why not ask the parents, if they want to wait to find out the gender of their baby, until the photoshoot itself? This creates an authentic reaction with raw emotions – the resulting photos look superb.

4. Include other family members

Traditionally, this type of photoshoot concentrates on the parents. Other family members can add extra depth and creativity, however. Siblings are particularly great photoshoot subjects – you can include siblings in interesting ways, and emphasize the fact that they will be getting a little brother or sister.

A gender reveal photoshoot is one of the most exciting, fun, and memorable sessions you will encounter as a photographer. You get to share important life memories with families and create a special set of photos that they will treasure for a lifetime.

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