Glitter Photo Shoot Tips

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woman blowing glitter into the street for glitter photo shoot

A glitter photo shoot can be a fun and messy affair. What could be more fun than throwing glitter around and making some outstanding photos in the process? As you may guess, this type of photoshoot involves colored glitter – this could be like confetti, that you can throw.

Alternatively, it could be glitter body paint or face paint that you can use to take brilliant portrait shots with. In the below text, we look at how to create a glitter photo shoot, and provide some tips to get you started!
gold glitter in hand for glitter photo shoot

How to start your first Glitter photo shoot?

Most glitter photoshoots are taken inside a studio with a clean backdrop – this helps concentrate on the subject and the glitter. If you do head outside, check weather conditions – you don’t want to shoot on a windy day! You can purchase glitter from a stationary store, or even a department store. Ensure that it is chunky – if it is too fine, it may not show on your photos.

Glitter photo shoot tips

1. Fast shutter speed is essential!

We suggest shooting in shutter priority mode (TV). Fast shutter speed is required to capture the glitter in sharp detail as it is blown or thrown. If you use slow shutter speed, the exploding glitter may look blurry, or even have movement trails.
woman blowing gold glitter stars photo shoot

2. Consider using a burst or continuous shooting mode

To further improve your chances of correctly capturing the glitter, consider using a burst shooting mode. Most modern DSLR cameras have a burst mode – this starts continual shots in sequence for as long as you hold the shutter. Using this in combination with shutter priority mode ensures you capture the glitter and subject perfectly.

3. Look at additional lighting sources

As you are working with fast shutter speeds, sufficient lighting is important. When shutter speeds are fast, it means less light will enter your camera’s sensor. You may have to bring additional lighting equipment like an external flash, and some diffusers.
girl blowing glitter photo shoot
4. Protect your camera!

When the glitter starts flying, ensure your camera is protected! You don’t want stray pieces of glitter finding their way into the inner workings of your DSLR. Consider using a lens hood, and a zoom lens so that you can focus on the subject and glitter from a distance.

What are you waiting for? Head to your local department store and purchase some glitter today! Just be prepared for the immense clean-up session after your glitter photo shoot!

adult glitter high heels glitter photo shoot

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