How to Cancel Adobe Subscriptions

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You finally bought into all the hype around the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. You were excited at the thought of having access to all the apps and services from Adobe in one monthly subscription (but now want to cancel). The Adobe service gives you access to graphic design software, editing programs, fonts, cloud storage, portfolios, and more.

Perhaps you thought it would give you all the satisfaction of a Netflix subscription, but you were wrong – you just aren’t using it all that much, and it’s draining your budget. And now? You’ve decided it is time to cancel your Adobe Subscription, and we are here to help!

Like some subscribers, you began to notice that many of the services and updates are incompatible with your PC, Mac, or other devices. Maybe your favorite features have been removed or upgraded, and you find yourself searching for new options. That free trial seems like it actually wasn’t all that free – you see the Adobe subscription charge on your credit card statement. If you aren’t completely satisfied – whatever the reason – you are most likely looking for a way to cancel your Adobe subscriptions without having to pay that pesky cancellation fee.

How to Cancel Adobe Photoshop

Many professionals use Photoshop as their main photo editing and graphic design software. However, Photoshop may not be the best service for all users because many people find a cheaper alternative editing and design software. If you’re looking to cancel, read on!

Here are your options for canceling your subscription:

  1. Cancel Your Photoshop Subscription Online

Monthly: if you initially signed up for a monthly subscription, you don’t need to pay a cancellation fee. You will still have access to all the services until the end of the month, but the subscription will be canceled immediately starting the following month.

Annual: if you chose to pay the annual fee for the Adobe subscription, either through a one-time payment or monthly payments, you could easily get a full refund within 14 days of subscribing. Here is how to do it online as long as you are still within that 14-day grace period:

  • Log in to your Adobe account
  • Click ‘Plans’ and ‘Manage Plans’
  • Click ‘Plan & Payment’ then ‘Cancel plan.’
  • Select the reason for canceling your subscription then click ‘continue.’
  • Click ‘continue with cancellation.’
  • Wait for the e-mail confirmation of the cancellation.

Note that canceling subscriptions online is not available worldwide. If your country of residence is served by Digital River, a global payment company, you can only cancel by calling customer service. The countries serviced by Digital River include Russia, the Middle East, many countries in Latin America, and most of the Asia-Pacific region. As with other regions of the world, you will not need to pay a cancellation fee if you are in the 14-day grace period.

Once you’ve canceled your paid subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, you will still have access to Adobe’s free Creative Cloud membership plan. This free plan includes access to only a few of the services paid memberships offer. You will have 2GB of cloud storage and the chance to reduce online storage to 2 GB within 90 days. You’ll also have access to the free starter plans of Adobe XD and Premier Rush CC, which you can use as long as you like.

Many customers are frustrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription cancellation policies because if you pass the 14-day free refund period, you are still charged 50% of your remaining contract obligation price. Plus, you will still only have access until the end of the month.

You can easily calculate the fee you will pay by taking the number of months left in your subscription and check the cost then divide that number by 2. The more months you have left, the more you will pay. So, if you are no longer in the 14-day grace period, you need to figure out a way to circumvent the cancellation fees.

If you don’t have very many months left in your subscription, you could continue paying for the subscription and cancel it before the renewal period. If you choose to wait, make sure you cancel 30 days before the annual renewal date. Canceling 30 days in advance will prevent the dreaded auto-renewal charge, and you can still have access to services for the rest of the month. In cases when you actually cannot use the Adobe services because your operating system is incompatible, it’s a waste of money to wait until the end of your subscription.

  1. Switch Adobe Photoshop Plans & Cancel

A way around the dreaded adobe cancellation fee is to switch your plan from the annual to the monthly version and then proceed to cancel that new plan immediately before the 14-day grace period is up. Some users have noticed issues with this method as Adobe now requires you to cancel the annual plan before you can sign up for the monthly.

Canceling the annual plan again requires you to pay the cancellation fee. If you feel like keeping your subscription, switching from monthly to an annual plan will waive the cancellation fee, and you’ll receive a refund on any unused days of the plan.

Calling Adobe Customer Support to Cancel:

Try to switch from the annual to the monthly plan via Adobe’s customer care call center (1 (800) 833-6687) or their live chat option and discuss your options and the possibility to waive the cancellation fee with them directly.

The best tip for success is to be polite and ask the customer care specialist to override your cancellation fee manually. Before calling, make sure you have all the information you need handy, including:

Before you call their customer service helpline, make sure to keep these documents ready, just in case:

  1. Your Adobe subscription ID
  2. The renewal date for your plan
  3. The reason you for canceling
  4.  Mention that you are facing too many technical issues.
  5. Mention that you are not using the product enough.
  6. Mention that you only needed it for a limited amount of time.
  7. Mention that the plan is too expensive.
  8. Mention that the product seems to be quite complicated.
  9. Any additional reason for canceling Adobe (too expensive, not satisfied, alternative option, software incompatible with your devices, etc.) Be honest and let them know your frustrations because it could influence the company’s future policies.
  10. Ask for an alternative plan option

Note that the Adobe customer care specialist has no obligation to waive your fee; therefore, it might take a while to resolve the issue. In the majority of cases, the person on the other line may need a supervisor’s permission to waive the cancelation fee for you. You might be offered incentives like promotional offers and extra discounts to encourage you to keep your subscription.

Be aware that you might not receive that waiver. In this case, tell them that you are unsatisfied with your subscription and ask for a refund for that reason or tell them to switch you to a more affordable plan instead. If they switch you to another plan, you may be able to cancel without a fee or penalty within 14 days.

Just be sure that you know what you are doing. If unfortunately, your cancellation fee is not waived off, request a change of plan for a more feasible option. Ask a few questions like ‘Is there any way I can avoid the cancellation penalty?’ Whatever you choose, you need to remember that these subscriptions are designed to have an auto-renewing status. There can be a case where the customer support representative might inform you that regardless of whatever option you try you will be stuck with a 50% cancellation fee charge and that would take you back to square one, again.

  1. Cancel the Adobe Auto-Renew Feature

Recurring payments are often hard to keep track of. Write down or note the date somewhere and be sure to cancel the auto-renew feature to avoid any charge to your credit card or Paypal account. Stopping recurring payments is another way to cancel subscriptions without fees.

The credit card companies and Paypal will not allow Adobe to charge you. If you want to get another Adobe subscription later, you’ll need to add a new payment method. Paypal allows users to cancel an upcoming payment the day before it is due.

To use this Paypal feature:

  • Log in to your Paypal account
  • Click on “Profile”
  • Click “My Money”
  • Click “Update” beside the “My Pre-Approved Payments” section
  • Choose the Adobe payment & click “Cancel.”

For credit card users who are out of options and frustrated by Adobe’s cancellation fee policy, there is one final option.

Make a call to your bank or credit card provider and tell them to cancel the upcoming payment to Adobe manually through the phone. Explain to them that you are unsatisfied with the subscription and want to stop paying for it. Most credit card providers will be able to help you cancel.

It is important to note that Adobe reserves its right to charge you a cancellation fee. When you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, it is written in their terms of service that there is a cancellation policy, and you agree to the terms of the contract by using their products. When you cancel after the 14-day grace period, you are breaking the contract; thus, they can legally charge the cancellation fee.

Avoid Future Recurring Charges

The best tip for the future is to avoid recurring charges and read the terms and services before creating a subscription. Now that you’ve learned your lesson the hard way, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind for the future:

Be careful as you sign up for “free trials” because these can often have automatic recurring charges as soon as the 14 days are up.

Be sure to read the fine print in the Terms of Service section to see if there are any sneaky terms such as extra cancellation fees.

Check the grace period – it can be 14-days or three months or more, and be sure to cancel the auto-renew option for your subscription, that way the company cannot charge you automatically.

Check out the terms for canceling a subscription and call customer care to ask for details.

Choose one credit card for all your subscriptions because this way, you can easily check the bank statements each month and see if you are charged for a subscription.

Finally, consider hiring a company that checks for recurring charges and cancels subscriptions for you, saving you a lot of hassle.

Additional Videos Guides for How to Cancel Adobe Subscriptions:

We have searched all of YouTube in order to find the most helpful, useful, and of course simple video guides on how to help you cancel your Adobe subscriptions in the easiest and most stress-free way possible:

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3. Cancel Adobe Subscription Without Fee

DM with Karl is a well known YouTuber who offers an easy to follow Adobe cancellation guide. Additionally in the description (and comments as well) he offers more advice, guides, and tips. It is updated for 2020 and definitely worth checking out!

Readers, do you have any additional cancellation tips regarding Adobe subscriptions, Photoshop, etc? Let us know in the comments section!

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