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photo shoot ideas

5 Quick Photo Shoot Guides:

Running a photo shoot in 2020 can be tough – below we offer some popular photo shoot guides, tips, and ideas to help you take professional pictures:

  1. Dog photo shoot Check out the most simplest ways to get your canine friends ready and posing for your doggy photo shoot!
  2. Glitter photo shoot Glitter is more popular than ever – learn how to run your first glitter photo shoot!
  3. Bikini photo shoot Bikini photo shoots can be tricky – learn how to run a professional bikini photo shoot in the right location and with the right tools.
  4. Gender reveal photo shoot Gender reveals of newborn babies are more and more popular – check out how to easily make your own gender reveal photo shoot!
  5. Teenager photo shoot Teenagers are featured in photo shoots all the time in magazines – you can also run a teenage photo shoot with the right attitude and strategy.

27 Awesome Photo Shoot Ideas:

Are you looking for some of the latest photo shoot ideas? Looking for some inspiration to get you over the top of your competition? By using these 27 photo shoot ideas, you will see growth in your photography skills like never before. Let’s hop into it, shall we?

#1 – Getting Couples Out On The Streets

There is plenty to do with this first photoshoot idea. Whether you live in a busy city or a quiet town, there are shots galore for you here. Parks, cups of coffee, and strolls down the boulevard can make for the sweetest of shots.

couple in the street photo shoot idea

Candid Couples

As you work with couples, place them in a variety of posses that will breed success for each shot. You can have your couples act playfully, laughing for all the world to see. Alternatively, you can have shots that express a more serious nature, as the couple gazes into each other’s eyes. This can look like classic posses include holding hands, standing with their backs together, or sitting on a blanket picnic style.

Prop Life

Adding props to your couple shoot creates a mystic that shines bright with every photo. With the softest of lighting and flowers presented in your shots, you will have couples loving their photoshoot. As you vary your framing, you can play around with some really neat shots.

#2 – Freezing Water

Getting movement shots is one of the coolest parts about taking photos. If you have not taken a picture of a water droplet before, do not let the opportunity waste away in your life. For this shot, you will need water, a plate, and an eyedropper to create your setting.

Camera Speed

With the help of a tripod and camera, set your shutter speed to a fast 1/500. Along with a narrower aperture, you can capture the elusive drop like never before. By holding the eyedropper at the same height, you might even impress yourself on what you can do.

#3 – The Eminent Child Pictures

A lot of mothers in the 21st Century want to capture a photo of what they looked like before they have their newborn. Because of this trend, mothers like to get all dressed up for a photoshoot to memorialize the season of life. Get the mother, and family members, involved to get a full perspective of what life will be like with the new little one.

Added Pregnancy Photo Elements

To add to the beautiful moments that these pictures bring, creative images can liven up your photos. Consider having the baby’s name written out or loving words to exemplify the affection this baby already has from the family. The words can be written out on the mother’s tummy, a miniature chalkboard, or a poster board.

#4 – Working A Wedding

Wedding photos are all the rage in this day and age. As one of the most competitive industries on the market, great gear and editing technology can go a long way for you. But, you need options for your clients. Enter composition into the ring.

wedding photo shoot ideas

Composition Components

Try using reflections to your advantage. You can use mirrors, water, windows, and so much more to create an amazing composition. Aerial shots are also pristine in the wedding photography industry.

Unique Frames

Different framing ideas can be a hit as well. Use doors, fences, or gates to give your photos some amazing depth and color. The bolder and visually pleasing the better in this case.

#5 – The Family Photo

So many families want to set a date for family pictures to get all dressed up. However, family pictures do not necessarily need to be the most special of events. Add some fun activities for a family to participate in and then get the best shots around.

No Kidding Around

When there are little ones involved in your shots, make sure to place them in areas like a beach, park, forest, or open area. This way, the kids will be able to jump, dance, run, walk, and skip their way to a great photo shoot.

#6 – Sensational Shadows

Shadows can be the death of any photoshoot. With the wrong shadows, faces can begin to look hidden and rough. But, with the right ideas in mind, shadows can create award-winning shots. However, you have to give it a shot by practicing this technique. Even in a live photo shoot, you should give it shot.

male shadow photo shoot effect

Stay Away From Harsh Lighting

With light directly in a person’s eyes, you can get some great shadowing, but it can blot out or overpower the shot, too. Instead, use curtains, blankets, and netting to help with the shadowing for the coolest shots. You will have a lot of fun with shadows if you play your cards right.

#7 – Engagement Endeavors

Even though we have already talked about couple shots, it is still imperative that we dive into engagement photos. These are truly a very different beast. Humor can play a big part in these shoots. By adding balloons and letters, you can liven up a photo in no time at all.

Deep & Wide

Other things you can play with involving engagement photos have to do with the depth and width of your photo. With more depth and a higher resolution lens, you can exploit the best possible photos to your advantage. With great width, you can capture the fiancees together in a beautiful wooded area or on a lake.

#8 – Friend Fun

Most people might think photoshoots are for families, couples, and kiddos, but the truth is that friends should have their moments, too. Think adventurous or humorous when it comes to these kinds of shots. They will make all the difference in the world.

Finding Adventure and Laughter

Hiking around is one of the best shots you can take with friends. With a stellar scenic area, you can use the magic of nature to interact positively in every photo. When it comes to humor, think through props and/or matching clothing to spruce up the photo session.

#9 – Getting The Band Back Together

Every band that has ever made it big has had a stellar photoshoot. By having pictures for promotional reasons, a band can put themselves on the map. So, when using the best lighting, work with the band to find a style and location that matches their style and focus.

music band photo shoot

Using Special Effects

To make photos even more creative, experimentation should take place. With lasers, LED lights, and smoke machines, the band will love the results of your shots. Even flash lighting and diffusers can create a mysterious ambiance that is great for pictures.

#10 – Athletic Poses

With the emergence of team shots and sports cards, even the amateur wants to get their photo done these days. When showing physical strength and valor, sports shots show an athlete at an impressive level.

Worm’s Eye View

If you can, get a shot at a worm’s eye view. This way, you can look up at the athlete and get the emotion you are looking for with your photoshoot. Even directional lighting can help you with this view because you will get to play off of some heavenly shadowing as well. Think action shots here and you will make some athletes, and their family and friends, extremely happy with memories that will last a lifetime.

#11 – Fashion Fervor

Fashion photoshoots are some of the most popular in the 21st Century. With this type of photography, your color combos are key. With vibrant clothing options and background, you have to be on your game to get the ideal outcome you and your client are looking for.

Stabilizing Movement

Movement is something you will see a lot of in a fashion show. Whether the model walks down a runway or poses in a confined space, movement is essential for the fashion industry. Try to catch every twirl, walk, and hair flip with great attention to detail.

fashion runway photo shoot tips ideas

Getting Off The Grid

Sometimes in a photoshoot, you have to get off the beaten path. Especially with fashion, photoshoots can push beyond the norm. If this is the case for you and your client, look towards abandoned buildings away from the normal traffic. But, make sure to not do anything illegal and be safe wherever you go.

#12 – Self-Portrait Sustainability

Do not forget to take pictures of yourself in a photo shoot. Some shy away from this because they want to get away from the limelight and stay hidden behind the camera. However, do not hide behind a bushel. Check out these fun ideas, which may change your mind on self-portraiture for the rest of your life.

Up Close And Personal

The more close up the better when it comes to self-portraits. These intimate moments will set you apart from other photographers. Photos like these also show a sense of power that you do not fit yourself into the general model, but rather into an elite group of individuals where no photos will be left unturned.

#13 – Sunset on the Beach

Capture couples walking side by side on the sand as the sun sets over the water. Or, use a nearby object as a silhouette that stands out during sunset. This type of photoshoot can be lots of fun and give excellent results. Sunset photography uniquely captures light, ensuring your subjects have that special glow.

beach sunset photo shoot idea

Use Aperture

Make use of your camera’s aperture priority mode, and the camera will do most of the hard work for you by automatically setting the shutter speed. As you shoot during sunset, avoid looking at the sun directly because you can damage your eyesight.

#14 – Playing with Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles are loved by kids and adults alike. Photographers love them too because they are visually pleasing, and the photos turn out colorful and psychedelic. Make sure you have a big batch of soapy water ready to blow lots of bubbles. As the bubbles float in the air, you can capture great shots.

bubble photo shoot photograph

The Lonely Bubble

Try photographing one bubble as it floats in the air then falls onto a nearby table. To get a great shot, use a macro lens because you’ll be giving the bubble a close-up shot. This way, you can capture the colors of the rainbow reflected in the soap bubble.

#15 – Lost in Lavender

Women enjoy getting their photos taken in a field full of flowers. Get your subject to dress up nicely, perhaps in a flowy dress, and play around with the camera settings until your model stands out among the pretty flowers. Take advantage of summer flowers to get the most beautiful photos.

Sitting Amongst Lavender

Get your model to sit down in a field full of purple lavender flowers. The contrast between the purple hue of the flowers and your model will give your pictures a dreamy, romantic touch.

#16 – Kitty Portrait

For those who love cats, having a portrait with their pet is essential. Cats are quite photogenic, but capturing good shots will be a challenge since they’re always on the move. The owner should play on a couch or on the floor to make the cat interested in the action.

cat photo shoot

Toys as Props

Consider using the cat’s favorite toy as a prop to make it sit still for a few seconds until you get the shot with the owner and the cat. Use continuous shooting mode, and you can keep shooting until the photo is just perfect.

#17 – The Tall Building

Mastering architecture shots can be pretty hard. You can tell a story about a place through its architecture. Pick a tall building as your subject and capture it from every angle. Try to photograph every part of the building and look at what makes it stand out, and you’ll definitely find your next incredible photo shoot idea.

The Small Details

It’s all about the small details most people don’t notice. Try finding a unique perspective, like a back alley or an exceptional design detail, and showcase it. If you can make people see the building in a different light, your photo will be appreciated.

#18 – Family on the Patio

There’s no better way to capture family life than by letting people act naturally in their home environment. Take everyone out to the porch or patio, let them eat and drink and take as many shots as possible. Candid photos are great memories that capture family bonds.

Eating and Drinking

Have your subjects eat and drink some tasty-looking food and drinks. Food indeed brings the family together, so make it visible on camera. Let the kids run around the table and play for those authentic-looking family photos.

#19 – Still Life Moment

Best-selling products require amazing photos, and some of the best photo shoot ideas come from this. Try your hand at still life photography of popular products that may end up being used as stock photos. You may have to brush up your styling skills but place the product on a white surface and start shooting. Make sure your photos are crystal clear because brands want their product to look appealing.

The Extra Prop

Try to use an extra prop that enhances the product’s visual appeal. If you’re shooting a laptop, add a nice cup of coffee beside it to make it seem like a work environment. Product photoshoots can help you land more clients.

#20 – On the Bridge

Most people are familiar with the Brooklyn bridge style photoshoot, where the imposing monument creates the perfect backdrop for gorgeous photos. A bridge is an excellent photo spot for weddings or engagement sessions. Even fashion photoshoots can be shot on bridges, especially during the golden hour when conditions are ideal.

brooklyn bridge photo shoot idea

Keep it RAW

Shooting in RAW is the best option when you are taking pictures of grand constructions like bridges. RAW captures a broader range of tones between black and white. It also helps you achieve better colors since the bridge is set against the sky and gives a better contrast balance.

#21 – Explore the Cave

Shooting inside caves is a fun challenge for any photographer. Imagine all the textures and shapes you’ll capture on camera from the rocks. It’s like taking nature photos in a much darker location. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some cool stalagmites worth posing or even some bat colonies.

Grab a light

Light conditions inside a cave are far from ideal for photography. That’s why you’ll need a small headlamp to act as your primary light source. It’s crucial that you can see well, so you’re photos turn out bright and sharp.

#22 – Surreal Underwater Session

Artistic photoshoots are always well appreciated because they are unique, unusual, and far more interesting than the usual. Snapping photos of your subjects while they’re underwater is a great way to create artistic images. Underwater light is soft and diffused, which makes photos look dreamy and surreal.

The Air Bubbles

The effect of the air bubbles that are formed around people as they hold their breath looks very cool on camera. Underwater sessions can look like oil paintings more than actual photos because the water and bubbles create a surreal backdrop. It’s going to be a challenge holding your breath, but getting a waterproof camera is worth it because you’ll have one of a kind images.

#23 – The Mirror Trick

Mirror photos make for great social media posts. This idea is for the people looking to take their portraits to another level. Have your subject hold a big mirror in their hand and look in it. Your photos will have an added dimension to them because mirrors reflect the image, so you’ll be capturing the front and the back.

selfie self portrait photo shoot photo

The Bigger, the Better

Grab a large mirror to catch more of the background, which will add more to the overall story of the shoot. Be careful, though, because you don’t want to capture your reflection in the subject’s mirror accidentally. It’s going to take some experimenting and movement to get it right.

#24 – The Ultimate Double Exposure Image

This is a fun, creative way to make art with several different photos. Double exposure is all about combining and merging two photos into one image. Think about two objects and take pictures of them to make something abstract, creative, or unique.

Cool Collage

Take a picture of yourself and merge it with a picture of a tree or flower. This photo collage is called a diptych. You can add a portrait of yourself and then paste wild cornflowers on top to create a floral artwork. It’s loads of fun to experiment with collage.

#25 – Future Father

Usually, pregnancy shoots are all about the mom-to-be, but who says fathers can’t have their shoot? Include the father in some of the pregnancy photos and make him the protagonist of his own story because he’s probably really excited.

pregnancy photo shoot ideas

The Best Props

Make the future dad pose alongside some of his favorite things. If he loves his car, add some colored balloons, and make him sit in the driver’s seat. Add pregnancy banners and announcements but make dad part of the photo story.

#26 – Recreating the Past

For friends who want to have a good time, consider recreating an old group photo. Make everyone copy their old style and find the same location or a similar one to recreate that past moment. Since friendships can last a lifetime, it’s a chance for the friends to see how they’ve all changed in time.

Facial Expression

Focus on capturing the same essence of the old photograph. Try to make everyone keep the same type of facial expression and let them hold the same pose. The best photo shoot ideas often come from the simplest forms of expression; someone’s face.

#27 – Mid-winter Chill

Snow photography is a great way to practice shooting in harsh light conditions. Snow reflects light and creates a glare in photos, so you need to adjust the contrast. Pick a beautiful snowy landscape to re-create the chill in your images.

Capture the Details

Get up early in the morning to shoot while it’s still cold. This way, you can capture the tiny details such as snowflakes and frozen icicles. Use manual focus to get clear pictures as the white snow will make it extra hard to focus.

3 Awesome Photo Shoot Ideas Videos:

We scoured YouTube to find the best photo shoot ideas videos. Watch these and you’ll be a photo shoot professional in no time!


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