Photography and Photo Shoot Tips

by photoshoot

Here at photo shoot #goals we strive to give you the best, most cutting edge photography and photo shoot tips to allow you to take professional and stylish photos from any camera including smart phones. Check out photography tips below:

  • 10 Yoga Photography Tips

    by Paul Skidmore

    Yoga photography is a really interesting subgenre of sports photography because of how different yoga is to a traditional sport. Inhabiting a meditational space between actual meditation and athleticism, yoga …

  • 4 Simple Sushi Photography Tips

    by Alec Druggan

    Food photography, more specifically, sushi photography as a genre has exploded in the last decade or two. We can thank Instagram and other social media platforms for bolstering the success …

  • Turtle Photography Tips

    by Alec Druggan

    Marine life is a fantastic subgenre of wildlife photography and photo shoots, most recently, turtle photography, that allows you to capture some of the most surreal animals in their wild …

  • 3 Simple Piano Photography Tips

    by Alec Druggan

    Photographing music and musical instruments is something that I have always found rather interesting, as you are often trying to portray the feeling and thought of the careful composure of …

  • 5 Bible Photography Tips in 2020

    by Alec Druggan

    Religious and bible photography is a very interesting mini genre in photography. You are focusing on capturing the spiritual and using unique compositions and ideas to make interesting photos of …

  • Ocean Photography & Ocean Photo Shoot Tips

    by Stephen Harker

    The ocean is an enticing place for photographers. So many subjects to photograph, so many styles of photography to try out.  There are also some common problems that photographers run …

  • 11 Aerial Photography Tips

    by Alec Druggan

    Aerial Photography is not for the faint of heart, and must be done with precision and an acute understanding of aerial dynamics – below are are 11 awesome aerial photography …