Photography and Photo Shoot Tips

by photoshoot

Here at photo shoot #goals we strive to give you the best, most cutting edge photography and photo shoot tips to allow you to take professional and stylish photos from any camera including smart phones. Check out photography tips below:

  • 11 Food Photography Tips

    by Stephen Harker

    Food photography is easier than ever – walk into a restaurant and whip out your smartphone and start taking food photos. You can even it call it ‘smartphone food photography’. …

  • 11 Night Photography Tips

    by Stephen Harker

    Everyone with a camera of any kind, smartphone or large DSLR, wants to try night photography at some time for an incredible evening photo shoot. Results often are not quite …

  • 10 Snow Photography Tips

    by Paul Skidmore

    As winter approaches we are hopefully treated to snowfall – snow photographers get excited around this time. And we at Photo Shoot #Goals are excited to give you our favorite …

  • 15 Nature Photography Tips

    by Paul Skidmore

    Exploring the great outdoors with your camera is a brilliant experience, especially for a nature photo shoot, (followed by some awesome nature photography hashtags). The natural world is bursting with …