Teenage Photo Shoot Tips

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Oftentimes teenagers want to create photos – this could be for college, for sporting teams, or even just for fun. Many people think that a teenage photo shoot is difficult – surely trying to work with sullen and unenthusiastic adolescents is hard work? This isn’t true!

As a photographer, you simply must know how to act, and how to keep your subject interested and engaged. In the below sections, we look at tips for teenage photoshoots.

How do you start your first teenage photoshoot?

This type of photoshoot may often involve more than one teenager. Moreover, the setting will vary depending on the purpose of the session. For example, you may head outside to create sports photos. Alternatively, you may shoot in a studio setting complete with lighting and diffusers.
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It is advisable to speak at length to the participants so that you know exactly what they want – this will ensure you don’t waste time during the actual session.

Teenage photo shoot tips

1. Let the teenagers choose the theme

This is hugely important – don’t dictate to the participants! This can quickly put them off and cause them to be unresponsive. Let them choose the theme and have freedom in their creative direction. You can then use your skill as a photographer to turn their ideas into quality images.

2. Try to avoid forced posing – allow them to be natural

Teenagers can become uncomfortable when being asked to pose for a camera. They may be extremely self-conscious. Therefore, refrain from asking them to pose unless it’s necessary. Give general directions but allow them to act naturally and move as they wish. This should help create authentic photos and ease any tension.

teenage female outdoor pose photo shoot3. Keep talking and help them relax

To help the teenagers relax further, talk to them and get to know them. Try to interact on a personal level and be genuine. In short, don’t act like a photographer! Act like a friend to make them feel at ease and help them relax.

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4. Don’t force a smile!

Finally, don’t ask the participants to force a smile! Smiling in a way that isn’t weird or awkward can be challenging. Capture smiles that come naturally as a result of laughter of genuine feelings of happiness. Furthermore, your subjects don’t have to smile! You can create effective photos of teenagers with a myriad of facial expressions.

Teenagers sometimes get a bad reputation undeservedly. A teenage photoshoot can be so much fun. Moreover, the people involved are much more willing to cooperate than you may expect!

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